ValenciaTrip is our brand new project – and one of our favorite ones. Discover the city of Valencia with us!

The site’s goal is to fulfill a need: one of the most important cities in Spain, Valencia doesn’t get the treatment it deserves online; most of the websites dedicated to the city are in Spanish and are written by locals, for locals.

Enter ValenciaTrip

Our target audience is tourists visiting Valencia, people interested in the city and its history, its places, and what it has to offer. With information regarding lodging and gastronomy options, as well as news and events, users can plan their next trip to Valencia. As we mentioned, the whole site is in English and we only post things that would be of interest to foreigners.

We’ve also launched a Youtube channel with videos focused on the city and its surroundings.

So check out Valencia Trip and let’s get in touch through social networks, so you too can discover this city in a unique way.

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