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Hey there! This is a post about SEO, but a different one, unlike those you’ll find out there. We’re not going to talk about how to get a high-ranked website nor am I going to tell you how to be first on search engine results. So if you ended up here looking for that kind of content, I apologize, but still invite you to keep reading.

The road to freedom

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Are you sick of Twitter or LinkedIn bios where people call themselves a Marketing/Social Media expert/master/guru? That makes two of us!

Personal opinion regarding the so-called Social Media & Marketing experts and gurus.

I agree

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Whether you’re launching a new product or transforming your physical store into an online-selling one, you’ll need to perform an analysis before you start spending money, to be sure you’ll do it wisely and get the best profits out of it.

Here’s some advice for making a smooth transition and helping you plan your strategy before you open your online store.

Where to start?


A real personal anecdote about the way people who get customer service from all kinds of companies also have to offer it, and why being nice and personalizing your messages can be helpful not only for your brand but for you.

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Do you remember what it used to be like? A few years ago, people would sit and chat before hiring a service; chat and even have a coffee together. You’d discuss the details, what the other party wanted and what you had to offer. You’d talk about costs or establish conditions. This way, there wouldn’t be any misunderstandings down the road: the customer would leave the room happy because they would get what they needed (although maybe they’d have to spend an extra buck or two) but it was worth it. Times have changed… it seems like I’m talking about ages ago, but it’s only been a couple of years.

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When we’re in the middle of the process of creating a new product or online service, or we’re launching an e-store soon and are eager to show our latest product to potential customers, we just can’t wait for its release.

However, as many past experiences have shown, in the online environment it’s ideal to create pre-launch expectation towards that product. We take a look at some advice and strategies to help you bring potential customers and users’ attention towards your latest product or project.

How to build hype

Some time ago, Banzee had a blog. When we launched our new website and due to lack of time, we put it on hold. This doesn’t mean now we have more time (on the contrary) but we feel the need to talk about the stuff we’re doing, as well as our particular vision regarding the industry.

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