Facebook cookie monster

Facebook is “forcing” all companies, brands and content creators to be there, and now it doesn’t want users to leave the network, ever.

Goodbye to blogs

Stromae Carmen Twitter

An analysis of the way we use Twitter (and all social networks), internet addiction, and thirst for popularity.

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Copy paste social

Social networks keep copying one another. Why? It’s easy: If something’s already working, let’s just add it.

One network for all

Politicians on Twitter

Analyzing how world leaders describe or introduce themselves on social media (interesting or funny, not the boring ones).

Politicians on Twitter

Diseño landing page móvil Banzee

Once more, we’d like to show you our latest project: a landing pages generator for a company with more than 150 stores.

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The Kitchen by Banzee

Are you a foodie? Then you’re going to love our latest project.

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What a Fact social network design

Introducing WhataFact! A social network for fact lovers with unique features.

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Google SEO

Since we usually have to explain a bit about how search engine optimization and online rankings work, here are a few common doubts, solved.

Common doubts

Pantalla Banzee screen

Want to start 2016 with more Twitter followers? And quality followers, related to topics you’re interested in? Meet our latest product.

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Marketing stats

In a previous article, we’ve talked about a preliminary analysis focused on your two main targets: your competitors and your target audience. Now it’s time to get to work. Want to save money and avoid rookie mistakes? Keep reading.

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