Getting new customers or clients is vital for the development and sustainability of any company, particularly SMEs. And, many times, it’s the hardest thing! You think: I’ve got a good product/offer fine services and my customer service is fantastic; how come I don’t have more clients?

Sometimes it’s just due to very aggressive competition; it’s hard to compete with the “big ones”. In other cases, it’s you that’s failing. We don’t mean you as a person or as a boss, but maybe it’s your brand’s strategy that needs some tweaks. Here’s a few recommendations from us.

Have a plan before reaching out to clients

Before you start contacting prospects, you must clearly define your plan: What are your goals? Do you have a deadline? Which channel/s will you choose?

The answers to these questions will help you select your target audience. And the channels you go for have everything to do with that audience: where they are, what they’re saying, and what they need.

Which are the best channels? Ah, now that’s a question every company owner asks him or herself. SMEs usually go for face-to-face networking leaving digital marketing aside when it’s probably the best channel out there. And we’re not just talking about social networks but also the importance of a strong online presence through a well-designed website.

Web design and social media

A good website will help you generate leads, for example, via newsletter sign-up or contact forms. It will also serve as a virtual showcase; a place where you can show what you’re actually offering, why you’re different from the rest, and why they should choose you.

Different SEO techniques will help you drive traffic to your site but it needs to be applied to content marketing; otherwise, old SEO practices will get your site penalized and/or give a bad first impression and, believe me, you don’t want that.

Going back to social networks, yes, you should be there. Not on all of them -focus on a couple- but do make sure that you keep them up to date. And make the most out of them with cool pics of your products or services! If you need help with that, just ask your design agency.

Oh, that’s something else: do get in touch with a development company (Banzee or the one you feel understands you the most but I hope you go with us!). Why? Because one of those templates that makes your site look exactly like a thousand others will not help you increase your visibility, let alone improve your reputation.

People do judge a book by its cover, especially on the internet.

Comments? Questions? Drop us a line or get in touch via social networks.