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One of the most common mistakes related to unsuccessful marketing campaigns (usually mentioned by experts in this area) is that brands do not talk to their customers in an original and personal way, leaving the “salesperson” role aside.

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Is your website’s design responsive? What do users think after they visit it? If you still haven’t focused on optimization, we give you more reasons to do it.

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Email alert

How many times have you registered on a website/app and seen your inbox flooded with emails, some of them interesting but others, repetitive and annoying?

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Infographic social media mistakes

We bring back an infographic from our old blog with common mistakes brands and / or community managers make which can affect their corporate image and make them lose followers and customers.

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First rule of powerful copywriting: make it count. Don’t say it if you don’t mean it and try to convey a message effectively. And do it consistently. Many brands “talk” to their current customers and potential ones in different ways depending on the means of communication, when they should create a unique voice that helps users connect with that brand.

Here’s a look at some of the best and worst practices which can help you build trust or hurt your corporate image.

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Oct1421 - Oct - 2014
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Love triangles, a third person who enters a relationship, concepts which are inherent to human beings and end up spreading to other areas and other kind of relationships… Don’t worry, we’re not going to enter the boring and saturated gossip world. We’ll talk about “crowds” in corporate relations, that “third person” also known as an intermediary or middleman.

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Everyone can sell online. The problem is, most people believe that making the transition to the virtual world is just building a website that includes a catalog (with descriptions, prices, etc) and a “buy now” button. While this article doesn’t cover the part of the process related to the site’s development, it does try to explain how e-commerce works and how it can help our clients (companies and store owners) increase their sales.

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Social networks

Have a one-of-a-kind product and are thinking of selling it online? Just launched a new item and want your existing customers and new ones to know? Here’s how web marketing can help you promote your product/s.

There are many strategies, but we’ll focus on the ones that won’t make you spend money, but rather get the best out of the potential of social networks.

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Whether you’re launching a new product or transforming your physical store into an online-selling one, you’ll need to perform an analysis before you start spending money, to be sure you’ll do it wisely and get the best profits out of it.

Here’s some advice for making a smooth transition and helping you plan your strategy before you open your online store.

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When we’re in the middle of the process of creating a new product or online service, or we’re launching an e-store soon and are eager to show our latest product to potential customers, we just can’t wait for its release.

However, as many past experiences have shown, in the online environment it’s ideal to create pre-launch expectation towards that product. We take a look at some advice and strategies to help you bring potential customers and users’ attention towards your latest product or project.

How to build hype

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