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Facebook cookie monster

Facebook is “forcing” all companies, brands and content creators to be there, and now it doesn’t want users to leave the network, ever.

Goodbye to blogs

Stromae Carmen Twitter

An analysis of the way we use Twitter (and all social networks), internet addiction, and thirst for popularity.

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Copy paste social

Social networks keep copying one another. Why? It’s easy: If something’s already working, let’s just add it.

One network for all

Politicians on Twitter

Analyzing how world leaders describe or introduce themselves on social media (interesting or funny, not the boring ones).

Politicians on Twitter

Banzee logo copywriting

Be careful with content marketing companies who offer you articles about just anything. On specialization, experience and sales representatives who won’t stop calling!

Quality content?

Fans de tu marca

Sometimes, even clients don’t know what they want. Some advice and experiences regarding clients and intermediaries in the world of web design.

Way to happy clients

Jan1514 - Jan - 2015
Contenidos redes sociales

It seems like content marketing is the new strategy everyone’s applying (or about to apply). How is it related to SEO and has it come to take its place? Can we get to a point where there’s just too much content?

Content and SEO

Chicago Bulls

First of all, I’d like to provide some context for this post: Yesterday, we attended the first JobDay event in Valencia, Spain, covering topics such as talent management and recruitment. I got the chance to hear a lot about the recruitment process and its key steps.

With this post, I just want to share a few reasons why I believe recruiters can hurt more than they can help your company.

Please explain

Nov1419 - Nov - 2014
Keep calm and launch a startup Banzee

Entrepreneurs, incubators, accelerators, events, startups… these words make us think of success in the business world but are we facing a new business bubble or can anyone really be successful? A quick look at startup companies.

An entrepreneurial bubble?

Facebook pages

If your work is somehow related to the internet, there’s a word you’re definitely familiar with: algorithm. It doesn’t matter if you’re CEO of a big company or an entrepreneur or freelancer. It seems that now, more than ever, if you want users (and current and potential customers) to see what you publish, you’ve gotta pay.

To pay or not to pay?

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