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Be careful with content marketing companies who offer you articles about just anything. On specialization, experience and sales representatives who won’t stop calling!

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We’ve already talked about picking a channel for your app, your products or your store’s promotion, and how to get the best out of social networking with your customers. On this second part of “How to promote your product on social networks“, we’ll take a look at all that multimedia and newsletters have to offer.

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Fans de tu marca

Sometimes, even clients don’t know what they want. Some advice and experiences regarding clients and intermediaries in the world of web design.

Way to happy clients

Responsive mobile design

More than one customer reaches us for the first time and says something like this: “We’d like a website, a “responsive” one, of course. We want it to work on smartphones”.

This isn’t incorrect, but it is limited. Solve your responsive-related doubts with us.

Solve your doubts

Feb1518 - Feb - 2015
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Here’s a few typical mistakes business owners make that won’t help you build trust through your site.

Common mistakes

Rocket sales

E-commerce is usually associated with online stores, but e-shop owners aren’t the only ones who can benefit from an online presence to increase sales.


Jan1514 - Jan - 2015
Contenidos redes sociales

It seems like content marketing is the new strategy everyone’s applying (or about to apply). How is it related to SEO and has it come to take its place? Can we get to a point where there’s just too much content?

Content and SEO

Online commerce

In the world of e-commerce, localization can not only help you, but I’d say it’s essential to be able to offer an optimal user experience for clients all around the world.

Win them over

Facebook pages

If your work is somehow related to the internet, there’s a word you’re definitely familiar with: algorithm. It doesn’t matter if you’re CEO of a big company or an entrepreneur or freelancer. It seems that now, more than ever, if you want users (and current and potential customers) to see what you publish, you’ve gotta pay.

To pay or not to pay?

Shopping mall

Customers don’t come back for promotions and discounts only. They need to have a successful experience to consider buying from your store again. That’s why, besides offering high quality products and competitive prices, we suggest the following practices.

Advice for online stores

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