Sep1712 - Sep - 2017
Get more clients

Getting new customers or clients is vital for the development and sustainability of any company, particularly SMEs.

Get more clients

Google marketing

It’s interesting to consider how it influences our decisions and purchases because, after all, we’re all customers. A few tips for brands and companies.

To click or not to click

Big Data

What does Big Data mean, the three Vs of Big Data, and what kind of companies can benefit from the analysis of huge amounts of information.

All about Big Data

Marketing to millennials

Millennials hate marketing. They like to think that they’re buying “experiences”, not products. So how to handle them? Tips for brands and companies on the millennial customer.

Marketing to millennials

Mercado chino Banzee

China is the future and we can’t deny it. And it’s a market so unknown to most people that whoever wants to enter it through the internet (websites, social networks, etc.) has to forget -almost- everything they already know about Google, Facebook, and Whatsapp and start to get to know Baidu, Weibo, and WeChat.

Enter the Chinese market

Bots by Banzee

Are chatbots the future of customer relations? Even for SMEs? What they are and how you and your company can benefit from them.

Chatbots for companies

Feb1702 - Feb - 2017
Marketing trends 2017 Banzee

Each year, we’ve got certain trends that are still standing but a few others start to gain ground. Here are the ones we consider the most important for next year.

2017 trends

Reasons users leave websites

Getting people to stay on your site is hard. Here are the main reasons users might leave your website to never come back.

Main reasons

Brand name WTF

Starting with the case of the WTF organization, we analyze the importance of a company’s or brand’s name.

A WTF brand

Valencia Trip Youtube channel

ValenciaTrip is our brand new project – and one of our favorite ones. Discover the city of Valencia with us!

Meet Valencia Trip

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